Napa and Wine Tasting

I’ll never forget my first visit to wine country. For my 34th birthday my husband surprised me with the      best gift ever- wine tasting in Napa Valley! I was so excited, I mean come on who wouldn’t be, right? I was finally going to get the chance to check it off my bucket list. We recently moved to California from Chicago/Indiana so after 2 months of living here, that was our first big adventure. Lucky for us, we are only a 30 min drive away.

Napa is absolutely breathtaking as you can imagine. There are over 400 wineries and so much to do and see. My husband researches E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, so I knew he wouldn’t disappoint. But seriously, it’s Napa, I don’t think you could go wrong! We went to Castello de Amorosa, a beautiful and stunning castle that is medieval inspired with a Tuscan touch of style. Our tour guide was so knowledgeable and passionate when she spoke. She definitely made it a great first experience. We learned so much about wine and the history behind the winery.

The guided tour was two hours long which included a tour of the armory, torture chambers, grand barrel rooms, courtyard, and vineyards. At the end of the tour we indulged in premium Italian style wines paired with different hand crafted cheese. The setting was decadent and all of the wine definitely started catching up to me lol. We knew we wanted to come back after such an enjoyable evening so we joined their wine club and bought a membership! It was very affordable. There are different packages for all types of income levels. You even have the option to get it shipped directly to your home! Unfortunately, they do not sell their wine at the grocery store, liquor stores, etc. You could only purchase it on their website if  you’re not a member at Perfect way to end the night🍷. Since then, I’ve been enjoying my favorite wine, La Fantasia.



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