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15 powerful ways to self care

Making self care a priority - 15 powerful ways to self care Self care can be described as the conscious engagement of an individual to promote their own health and well-being. Regulating time for yourself and putting your own interests first, can promote a happier lifestyle and encourage healthier habits.  Research has shown that self care can lead to higher levels of life satisfaction, better wellbeing and significantly reduce health related conditions such as stress and depression - which can worsen if not treated. Another important element in maintaining good health is eating well, regular physical activity and ensuring a good night’s sleep. Quality sleep in particular, is crucial to overall health and it has proven to help: Maintain a healthy weight Boost...

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Why we love natural skincare

Feed your skin with goodness - Why we love natural skincare   Natural skincare refers to the use of natural or organic substances, derived from plants and botanical based ingredients. Over the years, research has shown that a majority of people obtain better results using natural skincare than those who use products with synthetic ingredients. One particular reason is that natural skincare products have a long term, positive effect on the skin because they contain pure ingredients. Also, the purity of the ingredient is more regulated - meaning we can understand exactly where it came from, providing a high level of transparency to the customer. Not only will using natural skincare products result in better looking skin, but it will benefit...

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5 key ingredients for anti-ageing

Nurture your skin - 5 key ingredients for anti-ageing   When shopping for anti-ageing skincare, it is important to understand what has been put into the product, so we’re confident it will give results. Firstly, we want to ensure that the formula contains ingredients with high levels of antioxidants and skin regenerative properties - all which can be found in natural and organic ingredients. This article will highlight some impressive ingredients you should look out for, the next time you consider shopping for anti-ageing skincare. These nutrient-rich ingredients have been proven to reduce the signs of ageing and assist in the regeneration of skin cells.  Kakadu Plum Vitamin C comes at no surprise when we are discussing anti-ageing ingredients, which is why Kakadu...

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