Why we love natural skincare

Why we love natural skincare

Feed your skin with goodness


Natural skincare refers to the use of natural or organic substances, derived from plants and botanical based ingredients.

Over the years, research has shown that a majority of people obtain better results using natural skincare than those who use products with synthetic ingredients. One particular reason is that natural skincare products have a long term, positive effect on the skin because they contain pure ingredients. Also, the purity of the ingredient is more regulated - meaning we can understand exactly where it came from, providing a high level of transparency to the customer.

Not only will using natural skincare products result in better looking skin, but it will benefit your health and the environment as well. Explore our range of natural products and learn what they can do for you.

It is important to note that companies who advertise themselves as "all natural" may not be all natural at all. They may still contain some chemicals and fragrances to disguise the lack of real, natural ingredients. An all natural product will be completely safe for you to use, without the danger of containing harmful synthetics or chemicals. 




A popular ingredient used globally by skincare companies is Parabens. This harmful chemical is used as a cheap preservative, and it is found in a large number of products that are not safe for long term use. There have also been indications that Parabens can affect the structure of normal cells and potentially influence an abnormal growth - leading to an increased risk of cancer. 

With the long list of benefits that natural skincare provides, you should keep in mind that some natural ingredients are not only good for you but highly powerful.

Understanding your skin is key to avoiding a reaction - especially from nutrient-intense ingredients such as aromatherapy oils. Shop wisely and read the ingredients list thoroughly before purchasing. It is always a good idea to speak with your GP if you have any concerns. For more information on the ingredients we use, you can visit our ingredients list page.

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