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    Coofit Designer Matte Black Leather Backpack

    After being on the hunt for about a month, I finally found a backpack that met all of my expectations. I’m so excited to share it with you today! Since I’m always on the go, durability, functionality, and style were at the top of my list. I needed something that would accommodate travel items that wouldn’t fit in my purse. Having a pre-schooler means I always have to be prepared with an extra pair of changing clothes, entertainment devices, snacks, etc. I was having such a hard time finding the right backpack in stores that wasn’t a diaper bag because we are past that stage. The ones I saw were…

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    Napa and Wine Tasting

    I’ll never forget my first visit to wine country. For my 34th birthday my husband surprised me with the      best gift ever- wine tasting in Napa Valley! I was so excited, I mean come on who wouldn’t be, right? I was finally going to get the chance to check it off my bucket list. We recently moved to California from Chicago/Indiana so after 2 months of living here, that was our first big adventure. Lucky for us, we are only a 30 min drive away. Napa is absolutely breathtaking as you can imagine. There are over 400 wineries and so much to do and see. My husband researches E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G,…

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